New Years Resolutions – 2016

Each year it gets more and more difficult. And I’m not referring to remembering my password for the once-a-year login to update this blog!

Instead I refer to the annual self-shaming of how my year has been, matching up with the resolutions I told myself I would achieve 365 days ago. Last year I achieved 6 and a half of my resolutions – so that’s the figure to beat.

Let’s see how I got on this year…

  • Read more books – umm, sort of. I read a couple this year but not enough to say this has been ‘achieved’. I give this a half.
  • Go on another amazing holiday with Joanna – easy! We went on two holidays that were amazing: Croatia and Berlin. Oh, three if you count Cornwall with Jo’s fantastic family as well.
  • Research and prepare to move out, into a new place of my own in London – well no in the sense I haven’t moved anywhere yet, but yes Joanna and I sure have done our research and have a plan for the next few years. Achieved!
  • Get over my fear of dentists – haha, umm, well, er…. no.
  • Cycle and run more, especially in the summer – absolutely, I made a real effort this year and it was great – averaged a run a week during the summer/autumn and long may it continue. Not so much on the bike but I’m not bothered by that.
  • Build a website and design other elements for my sister’s new business – yes, yes, yes! New website launching in a few weeks, and the business cards are already here.
  • Write and call my grandparents more (since I failed to do so in 2014) – to an extent, yes, but probably still not as much as should be. Half point.
  • Cook more healthy meals in the evenings – difficult to measure with my nomadic lifestyle… I think so yes. Half point.
  • Continue to work hard in my job and take on more editing project leads – it’s been a great year at work, taking on more projects myself and completing a number of fantastic edits. Achieved!
  • Shave more regularly (beards never look good on me) – I do shave, I think, to tick this resolution… but I doubt Joanna would agree. Half point and then.

Which means… seven out of ten! A new P.B.!

Now for 2016. You heard it here first…

  1. Exercise – run or cycle every week, without fail.
  2. Running – do another half (or full) marathon in 2016.
  3. Reading – more books when commuting, less phone games.
  4. Travel – two more fantastic holidays with Joanna.
  5. Health – stop my terrible habit of rubbing/picking/irritating the skin on my chin.
  6. Work – diversify in editing (i.e. Avid) or animation (i.e. 3D).
  7. Social – devote more time to meet up with friends, especially old friends.
  8. Leisure – discover interesting and cool parts of London I’ve never been before.
  9. Concentration – stop procrastinating at work and live the “do more” mentality.
  10. Alcohol – drink less, save money, fewer hangovers, happiness all round!

Come back in late 2016 to see how I get on.