My New Years Resolutions – 2015


As with every year, here on my blog, I write up ten brand new resolutions – big and small – which I can aim to abide to in the forthcoming year. It also allows me to compare with previous years how well I’m doing at sticking to my intentions.

Alas, here is what I said I would do 365 days ago:

  • Don’t be such a picky eater – well, honestly, I haven’t. There are some things I’ve come to like over the year, but not enough to no longer be called ‘picky’.
  • Write/call grandparents more – again, I’m getting there, but I am terrible at this. Still more work needed.
  • Learn Avid Media Composer – waaaah! I still really want to do this! Unfortunately work this year has been very busy, and time just hasn’t allowed for me to learn Avid.
  • Save more money than spend – hooray, finally one I can say success! to. Being on a salary is great.
  • Make more lunches, rather than buyingAbsolutely! And trust me, it’s certainly helped towards the resolution one above this one.
  • Drink less coke, more squash – An easy one, which I have definitely succeeded at. Move away coke, hello blackcurrent!
  • Go on holiday with my girlfriendHell, yes. Venice has to be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been too – and Joanna loved it too!
  • Create an address bookYes I have. It came in very handy for Christmas cards this year.
  • See more sights of LondonYes! Been to so many places in 2014 in London, too many to list here. A few favourites are the Leadenhall Market, Borough Market, More London Riverside and Seven Dials.
  • Finish building my websiteyeah, kinda! It’s been done, but sure does need some work maintaining I will admit. I’ll count this as a half mark.

All in all then, apart from the first three, a successful year at a reasonably good 6.5 out of 10. Here’s how that compares with previous years:


Let’s hope the upwards pattern continues for this list of resolutions for next year:

  1. Read more books
  2. Go on another amazing holiday with Joanna
  3. Research and prepare to move out, into a new place of my own in London
  4. Get over my fear of dentists
  5. Cycle and run more, especially in the summer
  6. Build a website and design other elements for my sister’s new business
  7. Write and call my grandparents more (since I failed to do so in 2014)
  8. Cook more healthy meals in the evenings
  9. Continue to work hard in my job and take on more editing project leads
  10. Shave more regularly (beards never look good on me)

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