My New Years Resolutions – 2014

Every year, I post my new years resolutions online with the intention I’ll constantly improve my ability to give things up or change things. This year is no different.

To start with, lets review what I planned to achieve 365 days ago:

  1. Graduate from University with a 2:1 – success!
  2. Apply for some awesome internships/jobs – success!
  3. Get those internships/jobs! – success!
  4. Travel somewhere I’ve never been before – success (I went to Paris)!
  5. Make more personal videos, perhaps travel-related – success!
  6. Think of an imaginative way of saying thank you to all my friends – umm, maybe not…
  7. Get back into fitness – definitely not.
  8. Properly learn Adobe After Effects – success!
  9. Don’t be such a picky eater – getting there, but nope.
  10. Write/call my grandparents more – maybe, but still not enough.

Which makes my results over the past few years as follows:

2013-2014: Completed 6/10.
2012-2013: Completed 5.5/10.
2011-2012: Completed 5/10.

Anyway, to all a happy new year, and as promised here are my challenges for 2014!

  1. Don’t be such a picky eater
  2. Write/call grandparents more
  3. Learn Avid Media Composer
  4. Save more money than spend
  5. Make more lunches, rather than buying
  6. Drink less coke, more squash
  7. Go on holiday with my girlfriend
  8. Create an address book
  9. See more sights of London
  10. Finish building my website