My New Years Resolutions – 2013

Did I succeed my 2012 resolutions? Well, let’s have a look! The resolutions I gave myself 12 months ago were:

  • Start wearing contact lenses again. Success! Worn them since January, and love ’em!
  • Start eating less trash and more variety of foods. Success! I’ve eaten more good stuff over the past year, and it’s something I want to do more this year.
  • Go swimming or to the gym more regularly. Fail. To be honest, this really hasn’t happened.
  • Drink less alcohol unless it’s a special occasion. Success! I would say this has been the case, despite copious amounts of drinking for special occasions!
  • Do more work experience with media organisations. Fail. Sadly I’ve not really achieved any real decent experience, I’ve been too busy. But, success: I was accepted into The Network 2012, AND I got a job making videos in SUSU Democracy!
  • Work towards a 2:1 for my Year 2 University results. Fail….. just! My overall mark for Year 2 was 59.4. What a bitch. This is going up to a 2:1 in 2013!
  • Use Facebook less. Honestly, I’ve no idea!
  • Enjoy being at, and working with, SUSUtv even more than in 2011. Success! Of course!
  • Do something big to raise money for charity. Fail! Sadly, once again, because I’ve been so busy this hasn’t happened.
  • Not to lose any friends, and become even better friends with the ones that I really love. What on earth made me write this as a resolution?! Of course this is the case!
So, to conclude, I make that about 5 and 1/2, or 6? Which is pretty good, beat 2011 where I scored 5/10. 
Here are some resolutions for 2013:
  1. Graduate from University with a 2:1
  2. Apply for some awesome internships/jobs
  3. Get those internships/jobs!
  4. Travel somewhere I’ve never been before
  5. Make more personal videos, perhaps travel-related
  6. Think of an imaginative way of saying thank you to all my friends
  7. Get back into fitness
  8. Properly learn Adobe After Effects
  9. Don’t be such a picky eater
  10. Write/call my grandparents more

The End. See you in the New Year!

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