My New Years Resolutions – 2012

In similar fashion to a year ago, these are my new set of resolutions for 2012. Pop back on 31st Dec 2012 to see how I’ve done… I need to complete 5 or more to be more successful than 2011!
  1. Start wearing contact lenses again
  2. Start eating less trash and more variety of foods
  3. Go swimming or to the gym more regularly
  4. Drink less alcohol unless it’s a special occasion
  5. Do more work experience with media organisations
  6. Work towards a 2:1 for my Year 2 University results*
  7. Use Facebook less*
  8. Enjoy being at, and working with, SUSUtv even more than in 2011*
  9. Do something big to raise money for charity
  10. Not to lose any friends, and become even better friends with the ones that I really love.

*these are gunna be the hard ones!

Other things I’m looking forward to this year…

  • SUSUtv’s Elections coverage in February
  • SUSUtv’s trip to see our friend Talty in Ireland on St. Patricks Day
  • My geography field trip to Picos de Europa in April
  • The Diamond Jubilee
  • The Olympics in London
  • Starting 3rd year at Southampton

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