My New Years Resolutions – How did I do in 2011?

So 2011 is over, and it’s been an absolute riot! Here’s a round up of the best bits…

  • Went to the National TV Awards at the O2 in London with this lovely bunch of people:

SUSUtv outside the O2 Arena in January....we'll be picking up the awards in there someday

  • Took part in an epic SUSUtv Elections broadcast

  • Went on a seriously cool surfing trip with SUSURF to Newquay with this lovely bunch… should really go again!

Just some from SUSURF...

  • Attended the NaSTA Awards and Conference in Loughborough, in April. Petty Crimes won best comedy amongst a few awesome awards at SUSUtv!

Andreas and I picking up the award for Petty Crimes!

  • Get very, very, very drunk for the Royal Wedding

This photo was taken at lunchtime. I fear I was already tipsy off champagne...

  • Became the new SUSUtv Co-Head of Production along with my bestest companion Carly (the one who looks/is exceptionally drunk in this photo)

Carly: "Where are weeeee? I can't seeeee...." - Gotta love Jesters!

  • Speaking of Carly, there’s us celebrating our birthdays with the first annual ‘Gingerfest’ celebrations…

We were all ginger. Our bedsheets weren't best-pleased...

  • Went to Beach Break festival, had a blast whilst filming for SUSUtv!

  • Had a holiday in Cornwall with this lovely bunch of people…

Cornwall 2011 with my new 'children'...

  • Celebrated my ma’s 50th birthday in Londaaaaaaan.

My mum doesn't really look 50, does she? Far right...

  • Ran the New Forest Half Marathon

....all 13.3 miles.

  • Moved into my new house, started a new year at University, lept back into Uni life with…er…FreshersTV!

Aren't we a sexy bunch? Brownie points if you can see me...

  • Continued working, getting drunk, being a student, etc. until Christmas. Here is a lovely bunch of geography people to demonstrate the awesomeness of Uni.

YAY Geography, at the Geography Ball.

Update on 2011 resolutions

  1. Update this blog regularly… SORT OF – I’ve posted to this blog somewhat, but not what you’d call ‘regular’!
  2. Write down my best memories… FAILED – I’ve had far too many good memories to keep a track of!
  3. Start some sort of part-time web design business that will make ££… SORT OF – I’ve been working on a web design freelance website, but I’ve yet to start it and it’s not made me any money!
  4. Build an iPhone app… FAILED – Not bothered trying.
  5. Continue work at SUSUtv and make Petty Crimes one of the best shows EVER… SUCCESS! SUSUtv has been incredible this year! Petty Crimes won a NaSTA, and Episode 2 is watchable here.
  6. Attend the gym (or other exercise) twice a week… SORT OF – In the summer I trained for quite a bit for my half marathon, but have failed this winter
  7. Continue to meet new and awesome people… SUCCESS! I can safely say this has been done.
  8. Keep an organised diary/calendar to help my shocking memory… SUCCESS! You should check out iCal on my Mac…
  9. Spend more time reading around my subject at university… SUCCESS! But still got some more to do…
  10. Do something that will make me feel warm inside (that can be anything)… SUCCESS! Of many things, I ran a half marathon… which literally, made me warm inside, but also emotionally warm for all the money I helped raised for Help For Heroes.

5/10. Not bad.

Have a wonderful, wonderful 2012 and all the very best to all :)

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