Launching Slightly Soton…..slightly more interesting than I first anticipated

Over the summer I built a new website – Slightly Soton. Most of my blog readership I think knows the premise of the site already, but for those who don’t – do go check it out and have a ponder. The satirical news site launched on 1st Sepetember, and at 8 days in, some things have really stood out and I wanted to share my thoughts publically.

Slightly Soton

First of all, there’s this whole big thing about ‘secrecy’. It was never a secret that I was doing this. Infact, I have mentioned many times to various people all about the rough idea in the back of my mind… I just didn’t involve anyone in the production. When I first set up the Twitter and Facebook pages for the site a couple of days before launch, I didn’t bother trying to undisclose who was behind the project, I came out straight off (see this tweet here). I’d rather people focussed on what the content is rather than who the writer is.

The point of Slightly Soton is simple – something that people can chuckle at in their spare time. I only write well when I’m talking crap, so to me it makes sense. At the end of the day, if people read the content and they enjoy it, I’m happy. If they don’t come across it, or do and don’t like it – it doesn’t bother me.

Lots of people have tried comparing the site to the popular Wessex Mash from a few months back. Let me say this clearly; I am not copying the Wessex Mash, or at least not trying to. As I have said above – people know it’s me here – Pete and Mike kept themselves quiet because of the content they were writing. Nothing on Slightly Soton is out there to personally insult or slander people or organisation, and I will take responsibility for the stuff I write. If you are comparing SS to WM, you clearly haven’t understood the what SS is about.

Furthermore, it’s remarkable the response I’ve had from some people. Whilst some think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, I’m not going to lie in that I’ve had a few stroppy comments. One bloke, “Anon” submitted a comment complaining that the site was nothing like The Wessex Mash and he was unimpressed with the articles. Whilst a completely fair comment to make – he/she didn’t muster the balls to say who he/she actually was, nor did he/she leave an email address. And I do hope that “Anon” reads this post and understands where I’m coming from… I would have messaged back directly, but no email was given. And yes, that comment has been rejected.

In another few weeks I’ll update everyone on how things are going again. But I do enjoy writing this stuff and I shall carry on until I get bored of it. The most popular article by far is the Jesters and Sobar to join together for one massive night article, which swept around Facebook picking up 150+ likes, 473 unique views for that article, and over 1,500 page views for the entire site – in just 7 days. 78% of visits are new visitors, not returning, which only speculates the site is growing with readership. You can’t argue with figures like that, that’s while I’ll carry on and not get down by stupid arse comments such as the one from “Anon”, as I know people out there are enjoying it.

I’ll update everyone publicly on the site’s progress in a few weeks time. Until then, keep checking the site for updates, Twitter & Facebook. The latest article is quite a fun one: Solent students faired better in their exams than Southampton undergrads.

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