SUSUtv Co-Head of Production Manifesto

The past year has been amazing experience. SUSUtv has grown in size, quality, technology and members. Every single person has something to be proud of, though it’s the content that we produce that makes us who we are. The role of Co-Head of Production requires someone committed, dedicated and willing to organise and help others produce the best student television we can offer. I believe I already am this person.

Together with Carly Brown, who I do hope gets elected as the other Co-Head Production, we have both had experience in editing and producing our own shows, supporting other shows and ideas, directing and vision mixing live broadcasts… and generally being incredibly involved over the past year with the current committee.

I can assure you that with Carly and I as production heads, the dream team, SUSUtv will continue to thrive on stunning student programming of both original content and video coverage of SUSU events. We will also be friendly and approachable, allowing all students – particularly next years freshers – to come forward with their ideas, and putting them into practice. Let’s look forward to even more awards at the NaSTA 2012 award ceremony, and with any luck bring it back to SUSU for 2013!

Any questions? Get in touch. I’d be happy to answer any queries. See you all at the AGM tomorrow!

Thanks to Nick Culley for that original photo.

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